Alliance of Women Philanthropists

AWP Inaugural Speaker Series

Gretchen Carlson, speaking for the Alliance of Women Philanthropists Inaugural Speaker Series
Gretchen Carlson will be speaking for the Alliance of Women Philanthropists Inaugural Speaker Series in March 2018

Life Sciences Building Auditorium
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
7–8 p.m.

Special Guest: Gretchen Carlson

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"We are excited to continue the proud tradition of female strength, leadership, and support of the university. As co-chairs of the Alliance of Women Philanthropists, we have a unique opportunity to work alongside this distinguished group to fulfill the mission of the university and use this platform to network, engage, and inspire the women of Loyola Marymount University."

— Karen Knott and Julie Rollofson Teel, Co-Chairs, Alliance of Women Philanthropists


Through the power of collaborative funding, the Alliance of Women Philanthropists inspires and empowers women to improve our community by investing in the mission of Loyola Marymount University.


The Alliance of Women Philanthropists are donors, leaders and decision-makers. They are a community of influencers with unique and powerful voices, making an impact and shaping the future of the university. They gather throughout the year to collaborate with LMU's administration, engage with like-minded women and support the university individually while also determining how to distribute a yearly, collective pool of funds to the university's programs, services and scholarships.

Founding Members

  • Karen Knott, Co-Chair
  • Julie Rollofson Teel, Co-Chair
  • Carol Costello, Honorary Chair
  • Kathy Desmond, Chair Emeriti
  • Ginni Dreier, Chair Emeriti
  • Michelle Dean
  • Kathy Nielsen
  • Wendy Walker
  • Stephanie Younger
  • Delia Roges


  • Kathy Smith