How Every Gift Counts

No contribution is too small. Collectively, every donation benefits LMU students and faculty while bringing us closer to reaching the campaign goal. Whether it’s a $50 gift that goes toward purchasing e-books for the library or a $400 gift to pay for design software for an art program, every dollar adds up.

Your support means far more than the amount of your gift. All donations highlight the importance of a tradition of giving and inspire the entire Loyola Marymount community to strive for excellence. The first gift of a new graduate is just as vital as the contributions of a twenty year donor. Over the years their generosity has set the standards for the culture of philanthropy at LMU.

Still not convinced that your donations count?

  • 50 gifts of $5 will provide art materials for a studio art class.
  • 60 gifts of $20 will provide tuition assistance for one student participating in a study abroad program in Italy.
  • 100 gifts of $100 will provide laboratory equipment for the science department.
  • 30 gifts of $1,000 will provide a tuition scholarship to one deserving student.
  • 2 gifts of $25,000 will provide a dean with the opportunity to recruit a top level incoming freshman with a full-ride merit scholarship.