Heritage Association

Higher Education - Some Things Never Change

LMU Heritage Association of Retired Faculty and Staff Presentation and Lunch
Topic: "Higher Education - Some Things Never Change"
Tuesday, April 25 | 12:00 - 2:30 pm
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for visiting the website of the LMU Heritage Association of Retired Faculty and Staff. The Heritage Association was established in November 2010 and strives to provide a vehicle to encourage LMU retirees' continued involvement with the university.

Our membership is over 100 retired faculty and staff, and we are thrilled with the warm reception this group has received by all our colleagues.

As representatives of the Heritage Association Board, we look forward to providing stimulating events, networking opportunities and the chance to support our colleagues and LMU. We'd like to thank our current members for their enthusiasm and generosity as we continue to build and grow this great program. It's been a great pleasure to serve YOU!

Please reach out to some of your former LMU colleagues and encourage them to join the association. If they have not received any communication from us, please have them contact our office at 310.258.2651 or heritage@lmu.edu, so that we may put them on our mailing list.

It is our personal commitment to see this association grow and thrive. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Heritage Association office at 310.258.2651 or email heritage@lmu.edu.

LMU has seen amazing change and growth during its first 100 years. As retired faculty and staff of this institution, we can be proud of the contributions we made, and can continue to make with our participation in this association.

Thank you so much for your continued support!